Youth Ministry News: This Week.

Dinner Theatre Fundraiser: This Saturday! 
We’re putting the finishing touches on this year’s Dinner Theatre, and we look forward to seeing you at 6:00 Saturday.  Haven’t signed up yet?  All of our food orders will be placed by end of day today, so reply back ASAP if you’re interested.

Give me a call at church, or simply respond to this email.  When you do, let me know: 

*How many people you're bringing.
*What main course you wish: Choose from Chicken, Ham, or Lasagna.

Eat a great meal.  Have fun with your church family.  Support our High School mission trip to Minneapolis.  Join us for the Dinner Theatre!  

Dinner Theatre: Adult Volunteers Needed!  
We are *this* close to being fully staffed for Dinner Theatre!  Would you be able to assist?  We need: 
3 Kitchen Crew Helpers: 5-7:15p 
2 Cleanup Supervisors: 8-9:30p
Message back if you can volunteer! 

Junior High Youth Group News  
2.10: Group @ Church, 5:30-7:15p.  
2.14: Confirmation @ Room 2, 10:30a

Senior High Youth Group News 
2.14: Group @ Church, 6-7:45p.
2.16: Bible Reading Small Group @ SVHS, 7-8a

Michael Smith
Youth Director, Kishwaukee Church
815.218.3958 (C)