Youth Ministry News: This Week.

Jr. High Pie Sale: Pies Delivered Today! 
Today’s the day for students to pick up and deliver their pies!  Stop by Kish between 4:30-6p today to pick up your child’s pie orders.  We’ll have all the pies counted, boxed, and paired with the original order forms so you can be on your way.  Note: We do not have freezer space @ Kish, so you must deliver your pies tonight! 

YouthMin Schedule: Christmas Break 
Miss us while we’re gone!  Each of our ministries will start back real soon:

Junior High
Group: January 6th.
Confirmation: January 10th.

High School:
Group: January 10th.
Bible Reading Small Group: January 12th.

To Complete: 2016 Consent & Release Form
As the New Year approaches, we continue to ensure that our ministry events are executed with safety and integrity.  Towards that end, we ask the parents of each of our students to fill out a Consent & Release Form for their child.
The 2016 Consent & Release Form is attached.  Please take the time to have you and your child fill the form out and return it by Sunday, January 3rd. 
A C&R form is required for any off-campus ministry events–one-day activities, weekend retreats, week-long trips, etc.–your child participates in.  If you have recently completed a Consent & Release form for your child's Deep Freeze Registration, you may disregard this message.

Michael Smith
Youth Director, Kishwaukee Church
815.218.3958 (C)