Confirmation: December Schedule Change

Parents of Confirmation Students, 

One of the aims of our current series, Bible 101, is for students to integrate the habit of Bible Study in the many contexts of their own life: Home, School, Church, and beyond.  Towards that end, we are making some changes to the December schedule.

After class next Sunday, December 11th, I will distribute a Bible Study assignment not unlike the one distributed two weeks ago; see attached.  The following Sunday, December 18th, students will join their families in worship (1st or 2nd service, whatever you prefer) for the Christmas Cantata.  There will be no class in Room 2 that day.  

After worship, students are free to complete the homework assignment. The passage they will be studying is Luke 2:8-20, a passage read during Advent, and likely will be read during the Cantata. 

Here, then, is what December will look like: 

12.11: Interpreting the Bible; 12.18 homework distributed after class, students take Bibles home with them.
12.18: Students attend Worship with their families; complete 12.18 homework anytime after service.
12.25: No class; Christmas day. 


Confirmation: Asking Good Questions.

Our 8th Grade Confirmation Class recently completed their first big assignment: Interviewing the Elders of Kishwaukee Church.  In addition to the fifteen questions we create for them, each student creates five questions that they are to ask their elder.  Here's a sampling: 

Does God want us to be perfect?

What is Original Sin? 

Do the people who don't ever get an opportunity to know Jesus still go to heaven? 

No matter how many times we sin, can we always ask for forgiveness? 

How important is it to marry a Christian person? 

Have you ever struggled with doubt? 

What is something that helps you set time apart each day to talk/learn about God? 

Is it possible for someone to ask for forgiveness too often? 

When you were my age what are some ways you resisted sin?  

If you were me, where would you start to read the Bible? 

What is your motive to be just like Christ?  

These questions remind me that there's more to measuring spiritual growth than simply looking at the content of one's answers.  We want to make sure students have an environoment where they are comfortable in both the asking, and the answering, of good questions.

WinterXtreme: Day 2.

12:26a on a Friday, & we're calling it a night. Get this--the students actually want to go to bed. Who am I to complain? We have a small group of students who are having a blast. Each of them are actively engaged in the camp experience; they are going down toboggan hills, & they are sharing in small groups. Our speaker's topic is on the 'now' of God's Kingdom; check out Matthew 6 & Mark 4 for more. We're challenging students to consider not only the 'not yet' of heaven, but the reality of God's Kingdom on earth right now. Towards that end, may you pray that: 1) Each student will consider how they can be agents of God's Kingdom in their community. 2) Our group will experience a fellowship that sustains them beyond the weekend. That unity of brothers & sisters in Christ is a sign that, indeed, the Kingdom of God has drawn near us. Catch a glimpse of camp throughout the weekend at Thx! MS

WinterXtreme: Day Two.

Day Two is in the books! Check out pics & vids at We wore your child out today...which is why we're in bed 30 minutes earlier than yesterday:)
Allow me to share some 'wins' with you:

1--we experienced camp in all its fullness. We took in tubing, tobogganing, broomball, snowshoeing, carpetball & more.
Camp is more than these activities, however. The most significant times I had were informal conversations about faith & life with students. This is an answer to prayer! Please continue to pray that students will make spiritual commitments this weekend, & that they would share them with a peer or leader.

2--No student was left behind. To illustrate: two students noticed another student who they felt was left out of a group activity. They went up to the student and said: 'we want to spend the next hour with you, doing whatever you want to do'. Awesome.

Our charge this evening was from Mark 5, when Jesus, in response to Legion who asked to be with Him, says "go home to your family & tell them what I've done for you". Let's pray that each child will share the camp experience in general with their parents, as well as any spiritual commitments they made in particular.

WinterXtreme: Day 1.

We are nearly 45 minutes over 'Lights Out', so what a perfect time to give you a camp summary!
Students took in all that camp had to offer! We were the first church here, so we had the glory of going down the toboggan run first :)
The picture shows a crowded chapel room--400 students!--starting service. It's been a great night.
Let me have you pray for:

1--students to make a spiritual commitment. The speaker invited students to accept Christ tonight; we've asked students to tell their breakout group leader. Pray they will do that.
2--health and safety of our students & chaperones.

Took many photos tonight...we'll get them up tomorrow.

Jr. High WinterXtreme: Tonight.

Less than two hours away until we're on our way to East Troy!  I'll admit: I'm over-packed...and under-caffeinated.  I'll be fixing one of those problems soon. 

We'll send you a Day 1 summary this evening; realistically, it may be early tomorrow morning!  Regardless, let me invite you to stay connected with us: 

1--Pray.  For safe travels; for leaders to connect with & minister to students; for students to make spiritual commitments to God this weekend.  

2--Watch!  View camp as it happens on our Media Central page of  Your username & password info is located on your trip itinerary. 

More later.  Thx! 


Advent Adventure Support Project: Give This Sunday!

 [[posterous-content:pid___0]]Support is coming in for our Advent Adventure Project...and with Sunday coming up, we want you to encourage your child to give! Here's how you can help us:

1--Sign up. Your child can RSVP on our Facebook page, or sign up in the narthex. By signing up your child commits to give $12 of their earned money to the Support Project.

2--For Your Jr. High Students:  Support provides Shewanda Sanon, our Compassion Child, with food, water, clothing, education, and a chance to hear the Gospel of Christ. $12 from 30 students provides all this. We've supported her for years, and we want to continue to do so in 2011.

3--For Your High School Students: Support provides Compassion International the funding to purchase medical supplies, farming equipment, clean water, and more for a child and their family. You can check out the gift catalog at Our high school small groups will be our purchasers, which should be fun!

$12 from your child --equivalent to $1/mo for the whole year--is your child's way of putting the truths of the Advent Adventure series into practice.  Encourage them to give such a gift this Christmas, even as they will be receiving gifts from others.