Group: Start Here.

No matter who you are, how busy you are, or who you hang with: Group is a place for you.  

 Jr. High Youth Group

Wednesdays from 5:30-7:15p

@ the Church most Wednesdays

Open for all 6th-8th Grade students.


High School Youth Group

 Every other Sunday from 6-7:15p; check the calendar for more information.

@ the Church House (on the left as you pull in to Church)

Open for all 9th-12th Grade students.

Be inspired, encouraged, and challenged to love God and love others.   Check us out at Group.

Small Groups: A Place to Grow. 

Our Jr. High Breakout Groups and High School Life Groups are the place where our trusted leaders can unpack lessons from scripture, challenge us to love and good deeds, and teach what becoming a disciple looks like.


Jr. High Breakout Group

Wednesdays during Group: 7:00-7:15p

 Breakout Groups happen immediately after the evening message.  


High School Life Group

Every other week.  

 Locations & times vary with each Groupcheck the calendar for more information.

Discipleship: A Place to Know. 

Parents: Our Sunday School and Confirmation ministries are designed to build faith in the life of your child.


Sunday School: Jr. High, High School

Sundays from 10-11a

6th/7th class meets in room 10; 9th-12th class meets at the Church House.


ECHO Confirmation Class: 8th Grade

 Sundays from 10-11a

Class meets in room 2

A 32-week course covering the essentials of the Christian faith.  Students are given the option to become confirmed members of the Church upon completion.

Camp Ministries: The Places We Go! 

Beyond the church walls, our students can hear and respond to God's voice.  Beyond the school halls, our students can form friendships with other Christians.  Camp ministries are the place for spiritual commitments such as these to be made.


The Great Escape: Jr. High

8-13 July 2013

Registration still open!  Contact Michael for details.

Check out our Flickr page to catch a glimpse of TGE in action. 


Youthworks! Mission Trip: High School

20-27 July 2013 

Contact Michael for details.

Check out our Flickr page to see our past mission projects.

Our camp ministries provide students with a unique opportunity to encounter the living God in a retreat setting.  

For all grades, all schedules, and all kinds: There is a place for your child at Kish.