Great Escape: Important Information for Campers.

Hello Great Escape Parents!  

We’ve had a lot of updates come through lately with GE.  Please read each item below! 

NEW Form to Complete. The good news: GE has a brand new High Ropes Course and Climbing Wall that we get to break in!  The bad news: Every camper must have a signed Release Form, attached, if they want to enjoy these new activities.  If you anticipate your child wanting to play on the Course/Wall, then please complete and turn in no later than Monday, July 11th.   If your child is not interested, then there’s no need to complete the form.  Note, however: 

1: It’s easier to fill it out now, and leave them the option to partake.  When in doubt: Fill it out! 
2: Campers will be turned away if they don’t have a completed form signed by their parent/guardian.

Open Spot. Does your child have a sibling or friend that’s not going to GE yet?  We had a spot that just opened up, and is available at a discounted rate.  Message back for more information; time is of the essence! 

Packing for the Theme!  This year’s theme, SUMMIT, is set around hiking/adventure.  Students can bring costumes or props such as hiking gear, bandanas, goofy winter hats, scarves, backpacks, and even headlamps!

1: We have two campers attending GE this year that are extremely allergic to peanuts.  If your child is bringing snacks, please refrain from buying snacks that contain peanuts or peanut butter.  GE’s Kitchen will be doing their part, and we want to do our part in the sleeping rooms.  Thank you!
2: Reminder: NO SODA this year.  Spilling soda requires cleanup, the costs of which get directly taken out of our camp fund.  There will be plenty of soda during lunch at dinner at camp.


Michael Smith
Youth Director, Kishwaukee Church
815.218.3958 (C)